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6 Tips for Moving Your Office’s Electronic Equipment

6 Tips for Moving Your Office's Electronic Equipment

With a house move the item which is often deemed the most delicate is the antique china tea service that an auntie may have gifted the family, and therefore you’ll often see it stored in a reinforced box with 10 layers of bubble wrap. However, when it comes to office relocations – particularly ones that requires interstate removalists, the equivalent items seem to be the electronic devices and equipment.

That could be for several reasons such as the importance to the business of those items, how much they would cost to be replaced, and also the inescapable fact that many electronic devices and equipment, if dropped, would likely be damaged beyond repair.

So, given that almost all businesses are likely to use one or more electronic devices or electronic equipment of some kind, here are some tips to ensure they are protected from damage during an office relocation.

Appoint an IT Expert to Oversee Everything

Who better to oversee the safe packing of expensive IT and electronic equipment than an expert in that field. This might be a member of staff within your IT department or if you are a smaller business, someone who at least knows what each item is, and how delicate it might be with regards to being damaged en route.

Backup All Important Data

If you are moving computer equipment it is essential that you backup all the important data that they contain. Ideally, you want at least one hard copy, and have that backed up further by using a cloud service just in case the backup is in some way damaged or corrupted. This is especially critical if you have the likes of customer records, accounting data, and files that relate to your website.


10 Landscaping Tools Everyone Should Have

10 Landscaping Tools Everyone Should Have

There are many professions, pastimes, and hobbies, where the tools and equipment used are as important as any skill or passion one has for them. This is particularly true of landscaping where there are a number of tasks that would literally be impossible if it were not for the tools that are used to carry them out – just ask experienced landscapers principallandscapes.com.au.

For those of you who might be new to landscaping, or if you simply want to make sure that you have all the recommended tools needed for landscaping, here is a list of the 10 landscaping tools you should have.

#1 Wheelbarrow: Whether you are old or young, fit or have a body that seems to ache more and more these days, a wheelbarrow will be an essential aid for landscaping, especially when you need to move larger and heavier items from one part of your garden to another, including, ironically, your other tools.

#2 Digging Spade: Spades can come in several forms, but one which is going to be most helpful with regards to landscaping will be your digging spade. These are rectangular in shape and the flat front edge is ideal for pushing deep into the soil. If you can, try to find one which is made from stainless steel.

#3 Secateurs: As any gardener worth their salt will tell you, pruning back bushes, flowers, and shrubs that are overgrown or have an area that is dead and needs removing is an essential part of landscaping. Apart from keeping your garden tidy, it also allows these plants to grow afresh.

#4 Trowel: Getting down on your knees when you want to plant new ones will require you to dig and clear some soil for each seedling, seed, or bulb, and to do that, you will want a quality trowel to dig the necessary planting holes.


5 Hacks For Cleaner Office Windows

5 Hacks For Cleaner Office Windows

If you were to ask a number of commercial cleaning companies what area of a building gives the clearest indication as to how well it is being cleaned, you can expect different answers. Some might say the entrance area, others might suggest the carpets, but we have a hunch that the majority might say the windows.

Whilst you should expect any decent commercial cleaning company to want every area to be as clean as they can make it, the cleanliness of the windows is almost like a barometer of how well they have done.

Dirty windows not only can be seen by the staff looking out of them, but they can also be seen by those outside the building too. That can include potential clients, who, if their first sight of your business is seeing grubby, dirty windows, it is not the best initial impression to give.

Now, the size, height, and the number of the windows in your business premises may determine whether you employ a professional cleaning company, a window cleaner, or simply ask your own in-house cleaners to do it. There are pros and cons to each of these, but ultimately the cleanliness of those windows will be how you judge them.

If you do it in-house, there are a number of tips that you can pass on to your cleaning team, to help make those office windows even cleaner.


Why You Should Only Hire Professionals To Refinish Or Paint Concrete Flooring

Concrete Flooring

One of the biggest dilemmas anyone, including business owners, have is deciding who they are going to employ to undertake work that requires a degree of skill and experience, and that applies every bit as much when considering which concrete floor coating and painting company you are going to choose.

Many a nightmare scenario has been created when someone has tried to get something done ‘on the cheap’, employed a bunch of amateurs, and ended having to pay, not only for the job to get done properly by professionals, but to fix the mess and upheaval left behind by the first motley crew.

Admittedly there are some small, and less technical jobs that you might get away with hiring ‘a man in a van’ with a toolbox, but when it comes to the laying of concrete floor coatings and the use of concrete floor paint, it most certainly is not something you want to trust to anyone other than a fully experienced, skilled and professional company, and here are some of the reasons why.

We trust that you want the job done correctly and that that happens first time. This might be one of those that you say ‘Duh’ to, in the sense that it should go without saying that hiring professionals, such as iCoat, is going to result in the job getting done properly. However, the difference that it is going to make to you, your business, and anyone that works for that business needs to be made abundantly clear.


Top Tips for Office Waste Reduction

Office Waste Reduction

If you own or manage an office or other business space, you have a responsibility to run it sustainably. It doesn’t matter if you’re the office manager of a financial corporation or the owner of a small SEO agency – we all need to be doing what we can to reduce resource consumption and reduce our environmental impact.

Fortunately, it’s extremely easy to implement “green office” policies that deal with waste and resource consumption. In the rest of this article, I’ve covered a handful of my top tips for reducing office waste. They include:

  1. Print Less

Printing is a major contributor to office waste. Think about it, how often do you print a document or presentation, only to look through it once and then relegate it to the rubbish bin?

I bet it happens pretty often, right?

Rather than unconsciously printing everything, think about how you can move things online. Of course, there will still be some things that you have to print and file hard copies of, but it’s extremely easy to reduce your printer usage and therefore reduce office paper consumption.


Top Swimming Pool Design Considerations

Swimming Pool Design

If you’re thinking about re-developing your gardens and other outdoor areas, it’s worth thinking about adding a swimming pool. Although they might seem like a lot of work, pools are absolutely worth it in our opinions – especially if you live in one of Australia’s hotter cities.

However, it’s a great idea to speak with a professional swimming pool designer or landscaper, you could find on Landscape Association, before you commit to building a pool. There are numerous design considerations you have to work through before you come up with your final product, and it’s important to make sure you don’t neglect any of these.

Because of this, we’ve put together the following list of things to think about when you’re designing your new pool.

  1. Its Size

Although this might seem quite self-explanatory, it’s actually not. There is a wide range of things to keep in mind here, otherwise you will almost certainly run into problems.

  • The size of your backyard. You obviously don’t want to build a pool that takes up your whole yard. Or maybe you do, whatever, but make sure this is at the front of your mind.
  • What you’re planning on using it for. If you want to be able to swim laps in the morning before work, you will obviously need a much longer pool than if you just want somewhere to relax in the evening with a drink.
  • Where you want to put it. Again, this is quite obvious, but you need to ensure your pool, along with any paths, fences and garden beds, fit where you want it to go.

Once you’ve decided how big your pool is going to be, you can move on to the next step.


Do-It-Yourself Bathroom Renovation Hacks

Bathroom Renovation Hacks

According to bathroom and kitchen cabinet company colraycabinets.com.au, in the middle of a routine, busy schedule, the time you spend relaxing, rejuvenating, and refreshing yourself in the bathroom is perhaps one of the few extended breaks you may get. This is true regardless of whether you are a professional who is working full-time, a work-from-home kind of person, or even a stay-at-home mom. Somehow, the stress manages to catch up with everyone.

Styling your bathroom in an aesthetically inviting manner will help you fight the blues away. These styling projects can either involve a professional bathroom renovation company or a DIY approach.

If you don’t want to involve a reasonable budget, endless hours, and a panel of experts, you can give the most beautiful finishing touches to your bathroom space by trying a few of these DIY techniques.

  • Mirror on the wall – A mirror is a must in any bathroom. The important thing is to make sure the mirror adds to the décor instead of taking away from it. You can add a frame to your mirror to give it a more defining territory. All you have to do is use some moulding to create the frame, and then you’re free to paint it in whatever colours or patterns you choose. Another tip is to prevent your mirror from clouding up by wiping it with some shaving cream instead of a normal cloth or tissues. This leaves no stains on the mirror’s surface.


Best Landscaping Options for Mental Health


Growing research suggests that urbanisation is paving the way for stress, anxiety, and mental health conditions. On the other side of the coin, regular exposure to nature can offer hope and health in this respect. That’s why landscaping and welcoming nature into your Home & Garden can be an excellent way to improve your general feelings of wellness.

If you are grappling with social issues, mental illness, or stress, then it might be time to consider strategic landscaping. Here’s what you need.

Water Features

If you are looking at improving landscaping for your mental health, then start with a water feature. As you’ll know by now, designing a swimming pool, pond, fountain, or a similar water feature can elevate any section. The sight and sound of flowing water make any yard akin to one from a home and garden magazine. However, it’s also beneficial for your mental health.

Marine biologist Wallace Nichols called it the blue mind effect. Whenever you’re near water – be it a pond, pool, stream, or fountain, you get a “blue mind”. Your brain starts to respond to self-awareness, positivity, empathy, and a sense of general happiness. Water has similar effects to meditation. Your catecholamine neurotransmitters recalibrate themselves to turn feelings of stress into a zen-like state.


Benefits of Including Pot Plants In Your Home

Pot Plants

Having pot plants in your home is not a new phenomenon. The concept has been around since time began, with the Greeks livening up their palaces with garden pots, and Victorians having a love affair with potted ferns.

There has never been a time when plants were not welcome inside. But within reason, of course. While the number of plants has lessened as we move from potted plant paradises to concrete jungles, there are still many reasons to keep the trend for indoor plants alive. They have too many benefits to leave behind. Here are a few of the many standout ones below.

They Help Us to Breathe

This benefit of buying garden pots for new plants is possibly one of the most important, for plants help us to breathe. When you inhale, you take oxygen into your body. When you exhale, you release carbon dioxide. Plants do the opposite. They will inhale your carbon dioxide during the photosynthesis process, then release oxygen.

Some plants will release carbon dioxide during the night when their photosynthesis process stops, but plants such as orchids and succulents keep producing oxygen in your home for your benefit.


5 Reasons Why You Should Always Use Top Quality Glass Fencing Products

Glass Fencing

The popularity of glass pool fencing has grown immensely over the past decade or so. It has gained a reputation as one of the most stylish, modern pool fencing styles on the market, which has led to a lot of people using it to enclose their pools.

However, glass is expensive. This means that a lot of people who don’t really have the budget for a decent glass pool fence are forced to use poor quality materials and contractors. This can cause all sorts of problems – not least of which is a poor quality fence which is weak and not durable.

With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of the top 5 reasons why you should always use top of the range glass fencing materials and contractors – even if you can’t really afford them. These reasons include:

  1. Poor Quality Products May Not Be Legal

All glass products used for building purposes in Australia – including those used to build fences or balustrades – have to conform to the relevant Australian Standards. They have to be toughened, they have to be a certain thickness, and they have to be at least somewhat resistant to impacts and general wear and tear.

However, a lot of poor quality, cheap glass fencing materials simply don’t meet these standards, which means that they aren’t legal. To avoid fines and other penalties in the future, make sure you use top quality glass products that conform to the Australian Standards.