Why You Should Only Hire Professionals To Refinish Or Paint Concrete Flooring

Concrete Flooring

One of the biggest dilemmas anyone, including business owners, have is deciding who they are going to employ to undertake work that requires a degree of skill and experience, and that applies every bit as much when considering which concrete floor coating and painting company you are going to choose.

Many a nightmare scenario has been created when someone has tried to get something done ‘on the cheap’, employed a bunch of amateurs, and ended having to pay, not only for the job to get done properly by professionals, but to fix the mess and upheaval left behind by the first motley crew.

Admittedly there are some small, and less technical jobs that you might get away with hiring a man in a van with a toolbox, but when it comes to the laying of concrete floor coatings and the use of concrete floor paint, it most certainly is not something you want to trust to anyone other than a fully experienced, skilled and professional company, and here are some of the reasons why.

We trust that you want the job done correctly and that that happens the first time. This might be one of those that you say ‘Duh’ to, in the sense that it should go without saying that hiring professionals, such as iCoat, is going to result in the job getting done properly. However, the difference that it is going to make to you, your business, and anyone that works for that business needs to be made abundantly clear.

With a professional company, the entire job is going to be costed and planned correctly so that they, and more importantly you, know what it will cost, how long it will take, and what preparations need to be made, especially in business premises where machinery, equipment, and apparatuses need to be moved.

The difference all that will make to you in terms of mitigating any loss of revenue due to a brief closure, liaising with your staff so they know what is happening, and the ability for your business to reopen and start operating again quickly, is almost unquantifiable.

Compare that with leaving it to jacks of all trades, who do everything on the hoof, need to keep adding ‘extras’ due to problems they encounter, and whose motivation to complete the job within a reasonable seems to be nil.

Moving from the basic logistics of the work to the actual skills and experience required to refinish a concrete floor, either with a coating or paint. This is not like painting a kitchen cupboard, as knowledge of how each type of coating needs to be applied, how concrete reacts to different coatings, and crucially how to make the finished surface as close to perfection as possible, are all essential for the job to be a success.

That knowledge and the experience with which to apply that knowledge to the job of refinishing and painting a concrete floor is not something that many companies can offer. Some might have expertise in one or two types of concrete floor coatings, but if you want one that they do not supply, or want a coating that can provide you with an appealing design or appearance, then you must look elsewhere.

You want to employ a company with a strong reputation, and when you check their website you can immediately tell that this is a professional operation that knows what they are talking about, and have reviews from existing customers to back that up.

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