The Disadvantages and Advantages of Having a Pool

Swimming Pool

Many people would consider the biggest disadvantage of owning a pool to be the amount of cleaning necessary to ensure the water is safe to swim in. If you’ve been put off owning a pool for this reason, consider also getting one of the automatic pool cleaners available on the market today.

Having an automated cleaner can make a big difference in the amount of work required for pool maintenance. In fact, some can be set to come on automatically at a specific time so you don’t even have to worry about switching it on. You can set and forget that pool cleaner and in the morning your pool will be in excellent condition and ready for use.

Another disadvantage is the safety factor. While we often hear of drowning in the backyard pool, if you have the right kind of safety fence and gate, the danger is almost eliminated.  No little toddlers can reach up high enough to open the gate. And you can take your children to swimming lessons when they are quite small, to make it even safer.

Cost is another factor and you will understand that it is ongoing, with power, filters and chlorine all contributing to it. But when you consider the many advantages of owning a pool, you may realise that these outweigh the disadvantages.

Nearly every child loves to get in the water and play, even if they can’t swim. With the popularity of electronic games and television, having a swimming pool is something that will counteract the reasons kids stay indoors and lack exercise. A pool is likely to provide hours of fun and entertainment that help young bodies develop the kind of muscles they should have.

While many parents shun the sun, it is actually essential to health. Being in the sun gives the body vitamins that make them healthy. It’s just important to not overdo it and get sunburned. Adding a sail shade cloth to one end is a good way to do this. Children can also wear protective clothing and stay out of the pool at midday when the sunshine is most direct.

If your kids drive you mad with that old refrain of having nothing to do, a pool and a few pool toys will soon cure it. And don’t forget, a pool is not only for children. You can have fun, tone your muscles and even lose weight in your own swimming pool.

Having one in your backyard is much more convenient than having to go to a public pool and you and your children will get more swim time in if you don’t have to wait until there is time to take the drive to the community pool. In addition, your own pool is likely to have fewer bacteria than a public pool. All good reasons to get your own pool.

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