5 Reasons Why You Should Always Use Top Quality Glass Fencing Products

Glass Fencing

The popularity of glass pool fencing has grown immensely over the past decade or so. It has gained a reputation as one of the most stylish, modern pool fencing styles on the market, which has led to a lot of people using it to enclose their pools.

However, glass is expensive. This means that a lot of people who don’t really have the budget for a decent glass pool fence are forced to use poor quality materials and contractors. This can cause all sorts of problems – not least of which is a poor quality fence that is weak and not durable.

With this in mind, we’ve put together a list of the top 5 reasons why you should always use top of the range glass fencing materials and contractors – even if you can’t really afford them. These reasons include:

  1. Poor Quality Products May Not Be Legal

All glass products used for building purposes in Australia – including those used to build fences or balustrades – have to conform to the relevant Australian Standards. They have to be toughened, they have to be a certain thickness, and they have to be at least somewhat resistant to impacts and general wear and tear.

However, a lot of poor quality, cheap glass fencing materials simply don’t meet these standards, which means that they aren’t legal. To avoid fines and other penalties in the future, make sure you use top quality glass products that conform to Australian Standards.

  1. Poor Quality Products Won’t Be Durable

Unfortunately, a lot of people who try and save money on their glass fencing end up paying for it in the long run. Cheap glass panels and other fencing materials won’t be made with durability or long-term appearances in mind, which means that they will end up looking below par within a few years of construction.

  1. Poor Quality Workmanship Is Obvious

If you try and save money by employing an unskilled glass fencing contractor, you will regret it later. Glass pool fence construction takes a lot of skills and experience, and the average person simply can’t do the same job that a professional could.

  1. Poor Quality Products Are Hard To Maintain

Even if you manage to somehow get a decent fence using cheap materials and labour, you will find that cheap glass panels are hard to clean and even harder to maintain. They won’t be coated with water and dirt resistant materials like more expensive panels, which means that cleaning will take longer and will need to be done more often.

  1. Poor Quality Fittings Will Corrode And Fade

Cheap stainless steel or aluminium pool fence fittings simply won’t have the durability of their more expensive counterparts. This means that they will probably corrode and end up looking old and worn much faster than they should.

Final Word

There are plenty of reasons why you should always stick with high quality glass pool fencing materials. If your budget is tight, speak to your local glass fencing professionals and see if they can help you plan a fence that you can afford.

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