How to Landscape for Privacy

Landscape for Privacy

With over 24 million people in Australia, it’s highly likely you will find yourself with neighbours. And that’s whether you want them there or not. If you’re a farmer, then you’ve got privacy galore. However, if you’re a city or suburb-dweller, then you don’t have that luxury. Instead, you have to look at your landscape design options to create a sense of it instead.

If moving to greener pastures is not an option, then consider these landscaping tips for creating your serene slice of paradise among the densely populated suburbs.

  1. Evergreen Hedges

If you don’t need a fence, or the price tag puts it out of your league, then consider an evergreen hedge. Use privet hedges or shrubs to offer a sense of privacy as well as shelter. A privet hedge can be quite high-maintenance with how much trimming it requires, so you may prefer shrubs. Visit your local landscaping expert for advice on the best plants to use for privacy hedges.

  1. Lattice Screens

Whether you want privacy on your porch or semi-private walls around your yard, lattice screens can help. You can either use them as a form of temporary fencing or as a foundation for climbing plants to grow on. If you add climbing plants, it won’t be long until the lattice screen is a beautiful mixture of greenery and wood.

  1. Vertical Gardens

If you don’t feel like you’re getting any privacy in your backyard, then consider a vertical garden. A vertical garden is a green wall or structure with plants that grow up rather than out. Their height can add a layer of privacy to any backyard while establishing it as a rainforest-like environment that takes you away from the hustle and bustle of city life. They can take a while to develop, but they pay off with how “cut off” they can make you feel.

  1. Raised Garden Beds

Not everyone is blessed with neighbours that don’t peer into their sections. If you can’t hang your washing out without everyone knowing about it, then look at building or buying raised garden beds. The elevated component adds height to your section, while the established plants take it to fence height. You’ll enjoy full privacy in no time.

  1. Ask an Expert

When you’re landscaping for privacy, there are so many different plants that can help. There are even more so that will be a hindrance. The best thing you can do is contact a landscaping expert. They have years of experience when it comes to private patios and backyards and will draw up a plan before implementing the new layout to suit your needs.

If you can’t seem to escape your neighbours, then create a yard that means you don’t have to. Add plants, vertical gardens, raised beds, hedges, or lattice screens. Otherwise, invest in the experience and knowledge of a landscaping expert.

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