10 Types Of Glass Used When Construction Companies Build Or Renovate Homes

10 Types Of Glass Used When Construction Companies Build Or Renovate Homes

When people consider the materials used in constructing homes, they are most likely thinking about materials such as concrete, wood, metal, and glass. Of the last of those, glass, the most obvious use of glass is likely to be the windows in the house being built. However, whilst glass windows do account for a large proportion of the glass used in house construction or renovation, there are other reasons why glass is required.

Within a home, glass can be used as partitions, as panelling, for use on fitted wardrobes, on cupboard doors, on stairwells, as insulation, for skylights, balconies, and a greenhouse or conservatory. When we say that glass is used for all these, it should be apparent that the type of glass used for each of them is different. For example, the type of glass used for the double glazing in a home is different to the mirrored doors on wardrobes.

To give you further insights into these different types of glass, westperthglass.com.au have outlined ten of them below, along with their properties and common uses in home construction. We hope you find it helpful.

#1 – Sheet Glass: Molten glass is passed through rollers to create sheet glass. Usually supplied in standard sizes, sheet glass can be cut using glass cutters. It does create a degree of distortion, so it is rarely used for windows but instead on glass structures such as greenhouses or simple glass panels.