Do-It-Yourself Bathroom Renovation Hacks

Bathroom Renovation Hacks

According to bathroom and kitchen cabinet company, in the middle of a routine, busy schedule, the time you spend relaxing, rejuvenating, and refreshing yourself in the bathroom is perhaps one of the few extended breaks you may get. This is true regardless of whether you are a professional who is working full-time, a work-from-home kind of person, or even a stay-at-home mom. Somehow, the stress manages to catch up with everyone.

Styling your bathroom in an aesthetically inviting manner will help you fight the blues away. These styling projects can either involve a professional bathroom renovation company or a DIY approach.

If you don’t want to involve a reasonable budget, endless hours, and a panel of experts, you can give the most beautiful finishing touches to your bathroom space by trying a few of these DIY techniques.

  • Mirror on the wall – A mirror is a must in any bathroom. The important thing is to make sure the mirror adds to the décor instead of taking away from it. You can add a frame to your mirror to give it a more defining territory. All you have to do is use some moulding to create the frame, and then you’re free to paint it in whatever colours or patterns you choose. Another tip is to prevent your mirror from clouding up by wiping it with some shaving cream instead of a normal cloth or tissues. This leaves no stains on the mirror’s surface.


Materials Used in the Carpet Cleaning Process

Carpet Cleaning

The general carpet cleaning process can be extensive. It involves a variety of materials that help a carpet to look its best without weakening its fibres. So before you can clean the carpet, it’s a good idea to look those things that will be used in the process.

It is clear that water is used in the carpet cleaning process, since it is the base for any cleaning solution. Many professional cleaners have equipment that uses water as it’s cleaning base, but it’s important not to saturate the carpets, because it takes too long to dry and mould can develop. This is one thing to watch for when doing your carpets at home.

The temperature of the water is important as well. The water needs to be warm enough to dissolve the dirt in carpet fibres. It should not be too hot or else it might shrink some types of carpets, such as wool.

The amount of pressure being used in the carpet cleaning process must be checked properly. As professionals, like Commercial Cleaning Perth, know – Pressure is important as it ensures that the carpets being cleaned are treated without too much stress being added. Water weakens the fibres and if too much pressure is applied, it can damage them. At the same time, it’s important that enough pressure is applied to get the job done properly.

The pressure generated by a cleaner will cause the water and other compounds being used to move through the carpets quite well, taking out the accumulated dirt, but enough pressure must be applied to ensure that the carpet fibres are not going to suffer from more stress than needed. This is especially critical for finer carpets where some fibres might be at risk of wearing out or breaking apart.

Some chemicals may be used including some bleach or detergent materials.  Try and make sure organic detergents are used in cleaning your carpets. That way there will be no toxic fumes as the carpet dries and when the dirty water is disposed of, it won’t poison the waterways.

Sometimes the chemicals used might cause irritation on some fibres.  Some small amounts of chemicals remain in the carpet after cleaning it and can cause irritation to children or pets who sit on it. Eco-friendly products are less likely to have this effect.

A vacuum cleaner is typically used to remove the moisture and cleaning compounds from the carpet as the cleaning progresses. Again, the amount of suction should be carefully regulated so it will suck out all the dirty water and help dry the carpet without being so strong it is likely to cause damage.  There are many points to consider when getting carpets cleaned either professionally or by yourself. If you follow the instructions on the carpet cleaning equipment and the cleaners, you should have a great deal of success and make your carpet look bright and new.

How to Make Your Shed Match Your Home with Colorbond

Shed in Backyard

Not every suburban home has a shed in the backyard, but where this is possible there are many advantages, from extra storage space for the lawnmower, kids bikes and golf clubs to a place to work from when you are doing DIY projects. You can even clean it up for a teen’s birthday party or make it into a playroom for the children.  You could sit there and do your own hobbies while they play.

But one thing you would probably be concerned about is what the shed looks like. If you have a house you are proud of, adding any kind of old shed will only devalue your property. That is why it is important to take care with the design and the materials used. Don’t find some cheap material that is half worn out already for your shed. A new shed should be built with new materials so it looks spick and span, not like an old wreck.

If you have Colorbond roofing on your home, it is easy to build a shed to match by using the same material for the shed roof. In fact, Colorbond cladding can also be used too, either in the same colour or in one that matches the colour of the house walls. There are so many lovely colours to choose from in the Colorbond range that this will not be a difficult thing to do. Matching up the colours will unify the whole look of the home and shed.


How a Pergola can be used with Shade Blades

Pergola with Shade Blades

When it comes to a pergola or patio, Iron Design Roofing are the experts on knowing how to use them to the best advantage. A pergola is a delightful addition to the home, increasing its value for relatively little cost. It can be used in many ways and positions to give residents a place to relax outside that has a little shelter when needed.

The addition of shade blades will increase the usage of this simple structure as they can provide shelter from light rain, hot sun and to some extent, the wind. What exactly are shade blades? They are long, narrow blades installed on the roof of the pergola that can be opened or shut. When open, they let in more sun, and facilitate the removal of hot air that may gather under the roof.

When shut, they keep out all the sun and any showers. The narrow channel running along the edge of the blade allows light rain to run off. However, should that shower turn heavy, the channel is not deep enough to take it away before it runs over, so shade blades don’t make the pergola completely weatherproof.


Where to get the Best Home Renovation Advice

Home Renovation Advice

If you are looking for home renovation advice there are many ways to get it. However, before you start calling in the plumbers or electricians you should first have some idea of what kind of renovation you want to do and what your budget is. An extensive home renovation and upgrade can cost quite a lot, while a smaller one is, naturally enough, more affordable. If you have to choose, pick the one that will enhance your lifestyle the most if you are staying in the home for some years.

If you want to renovate in order to sell, it’s wise not to go overboard with fancy additions that may put the cost of the home up further than others in the neighbourhood. For instance, if no other homes in your street have a pool, then adding one may not be in the best interests of the sale. Why? It limits the potential buyers to those who want a pool.


Machinery You May Need to Hire for Your Property Renovation

plant hire

Renovating a property is an exciting task as you work towards your long term goal and vision for a completely renovated home and property. In most cases you will need to consider plant hire, unless you have more muscle than most builders and renovators. Plant and equipment hire will help you out considerably, doing all the hard work while you sit there and watch.

If your block is not dead level, you’ll probably need to level some areas off for paths, a new veranda or extension, the driveway, a rainwater tank or landscaping. Even for a new fence you may need a machine to dig the post holes. Here is a list of machinery for hire that you may want to consider.

  • Augers – these are used for drilling holes in the ground, so are useful for post holes for that new fence. Be sure you know where underground pipes and cables are before you start.


Home Renovations That Add Value Over the Years

Home Renovations

Some of the best home renovation advice is to avoid fads and go for classic renovations that won’t date. So how can you know what is a fad?  It is usually brightly coloured and jumps out at you. It doesn’t really add value to your lifestyle in any way and it fades in popularity after a few years. That said, the latter won’t help you if you’ve jumped in and included it in your design when it first came out.

However, you will be able to identify and remove it, then you’ll have learned to wait a while before doing the next in thing. Here are some fads to avoid.

  • Brightly coloured walls or a feature wall that is too dazzling. Both make a space look smaller and because they are busy, they take away from the calm relaxation you should be able to feel when you walk into a room. There is nowhere to rest your eyes and hence, your brain, when the wallpaper jumps out at you or if a colourful feature wall is looming up from the end of the room. That’s not to say you can’t have a feature wall, but it should be done tastefully and in a colour that complements the rest of the room. Classic colours such as white and neutrals allow you to have fun with accent colours and they don’t go out of fashion.


9 Advantages of Shade Sails

Shade Sails

When you live in a hot, sunny environment, shade is an important factor in keeping cool. Being able to access shade is essential to stay healthy and prevent dehydration and sunburn. According to One Shade these days, shade sails are preferred in many applications to provide shade before greenery such as trees for many reasons.

  • Sails offer ‘clean’ shade. That is, they don’t drop leaves, sticks or flowers over the shaded area. This is an important point if the sail is over the end of a swimming pool, since no one wants their pool inundated by unwanted debris that can alter the pH of the water and send you scuttling for the pool scoop.
  • The shade provided by sails is even. Trees and other plants provide dappled shade, which means there are spots where sun gets in. If you lay out in dappled shade, you’ll get sunburned. Sail material does let through a small amount of sunlight, but it is more even and there is less likelihood of getting badly burned.


Home Renovation Advice for Flippers

Home Renovation Advice for Flippers

If you are into purchasing homes to renovate and sell at a profit, you have to be ever more careful with your budget so it’s important to get home renovation advice from the experts. Then at the end of the day you will actually get something back – and hopefully, enough to make the whole deal worthwhile, otherwise you’ll be wasting time, effort and money, not to mention going backwards financially.

It’s important to start from the end and work backwards when working out your budget. Know what good homes like the one you are buying are bringing in that location so you’ll get a good idea of what you’ll get when you sell.  Then you can subtract the buying price and what you’ll spend on renovations. If your sums don’t add up to a profit, don’t buy that flipper, or find ways to save on the renovations needed.

Once you know it’s a good prospect for a flipper, you can go ahead with peace of mind and enjoy the challenge of renovating. That brings us to the question, what kind of renovations bring the best return for investment?