Why Professional Carpet Cleaning Can Benefit The Health Of You And Your Family

Why Professional Carpet Cleaning Can Benefit The Health Of You And Your Family

You might be under the impression that calling in professional carpet cleaners to clean your carpets and rugs is little more than an exercise in making your home look clean, especially if the aforementioned carpets and rugs have stains or spillages which you have been unable to remove yourself.

Whilst making your home look its best by having clean carpets is a definite advantage of having your carpets professionally cleaned, it is not the only benefit of carpet cleaning done by the experts. Another is the significant benefit of making your home a healthier environment for you and your family to live in by removing numerous undesirables that live and often thrive within the fibres of your carpets.

By undesirables, we are not talking just about the mud or dirt that is visible to everyone but also about the many tiny and often microscopic bugs, pests, and other nasties that exist in carpets. Even if you look at your carpets and think they appear spotlessly clean, we assure you that within them there are certain to be numerous pollutants, bugs, and germs that you would not wish any of your family to be exposed to.

Now, before you feel offended that we would suggest your carpets are filthy and full of nasties, please do not be because, even in clean carpets, they can exist. However, it is only with professional carpet cleaning that your carpets will be at their absolute cleanest, safest, and healthiest and here are some reasons why that is the case.


5 Hacks For Cleaner Office Windows

5 Hacks For Cleaner Office Windows

If you were to ask a number of commercial cleaning companies what area of a building gives the clearest indication as to how well it is being cleaned, you can expect different answers. Some might say the entrance area, others might suggest the carpets, but we have a hunch that the majority might say the windows.

Whilst you should expect any decent commercial cleaning company to want every area to be as clean as they can make it, the cleanliness of the windows is almost like a barometer of how well they have done.

Dirty windows not only can be seen by the staff looking out of them but they can also be seen by those outside the building too. That can include potential clients, who, if their first sight of your business is seeing grubby, dirty windows, it is not the best initial impression to give.

Now, the size, height, and number of windows in your business premises may determine whether you employ a professional cleaning company, a window cleaner, or simply ask your own in-house cleaners to do it. There are pros and cons to each of these, but ultimately the cleanliness of those windows will be how you judge them.

If you do it in-house, there are a number of tips that you can pass on to your cleaning team to help make those office windows even cleaner.


Why You Should Only Hire Professionals To Refinish Or Paint Concrete Flooring

Concrete Flooring

One of the biggest dilemmas anyone, including business owners, have is deciding who they are going to employ to undertake work that requires a degree of skill and experience, and that applies every bit as much when considering which concrete floor coating and painting company you are going to choose.

Many a nightmare scenario has been created when someone has tried to get something done ‘on the cheap’, employed a bunch of amateurs, and ended having to pay, not only for the job to get done properly by professionals, but to fix the mess and upheaval left behind by the first motley crew.

Admittedly there are some small, and less technical jobs that you might get away with hiring a man in a van with a toolbox, but when it comes to the laying of concrete floor coatings and the use of concrete floor paint, it most certainly is not something you want to trust to anyone other than a fully experienced, skilled and professional company, and here are some of the reasons why.

We trust that you want the job done correctly and that that happens the first time. This might be one of those that you say ‘Duh’ to, in the sense that it should go without saying that hiring professionals, such as iCoat, is going to result in the job getting done properly. However, the difference that it is going to make to you, your business, and anyone that works for that business needs to be made abundantly clear.


Never Put these Things Down your Drain


It’s amazing what people will throw down their toilet. Ask any plumber for some great stories. Many people don’t seem to really care about where everything goes – if it goes. We all know that there is a mess of pipes below the seat, and then it’s a bit of a blur as to where all the pipes take the stuff. Probably a treatment plant somewhere, right? But once you press the button on the toilet or pull the plug in the sink, for us the problem is gone.

Just washing the car or spraying the garden for bugs can impact our environment as harmful chemicals get washed down into stormwater drains.

The summer season is the time when we like to be outdoors doing a few odd jobs, and it’s when a person should be paying attention to what you is really going down your drains.

The following list is not comprehensive, but there are a few items that you should avoid allowing into your sinks, toilets and drains.


Using garden fertiliser is okay as it will be integrated into the soil and assisting plant growth. The fertiliser we are talking about is the old stuff you might have in your shed and you want to toss it. Don’t dump it into the drain system and ultimately into the waterways.


5 Common Office Building Fire Safety Violations

Fire Safety Violations

Small business fire safety and fire protection is something that should always be taken very seriously, but it perhaps isn’t. Often, things like fire safety get pushed to the backburner simply because business owners and managers have more important things – in their eyes at least – to do with their time.

Unfortunately, this leads to a wide range of fire safety violations. While the exact nature of these will vary according to the exact workplace fire safety laws in your state or territory, some of the most common fire safety violations include in Australian small businesses include:

  1. Using Poorly Maintained Fire Safety Gear

Fire safety equipment is essential when it comes to making sure that your small business is protected from fire. Things like fire extinguishers, smoke detectors and sprinkler systems are essential and are often required under Australian law.

However, a lot of people don’t realise that these fire protection systems need to be serviced and maintained regularly. Most fire extinguishers should be tested at least once every six months, while you should test your smoke detectors regularly and replace their batteries as needed. If you don’t keep your fire safety gear well-maintained, you could find yourself in violation of workplace safety laws.

  1. Not Containing Fuel Sources Properly

Potential fuel sources need to be contained in appropriate storage containers or areas to reduce the risk of fire. Things like flammable liquids or gases need to be held in fire resistant containers and isolated from potential ignition sources. Failing to do this can not only make your premises extremely unsafe but can also put you at serious risk of breaking the law.


The Best and Worst Carpet Piles to Clean

Carpet Cleaning

When it comes to carpet cleaning, according to the experts over at brilliance carpet cleaning Perth, there is more to consider than the material it is made from, although that, too, is important.  You might go for wool or a wool and nylon blend because wool tends to hide the dirt, and nylon offers ease of cleaning. Or you might choose all nylon because it is stain resistant and easy to clean, so your carpet cleaner will always do a good job. And some people simply choose a carpet based on the price and colour.

However, if you don’t choose a carpet based on your lifestyle requirements and to suit the traffic areas of your home, you may end up with a floor covering that is either difficult to clean or doesn’t last nearly as long as you expected. Or in the case of olefin, you might find all your best cleaning efforts are of no avail because it always wicks up more soil to the surface.


The Disadvantages and Advantages of Having a Pool

Swimming Pool

Many people would consider the biggest disadvantage of owning a pool to be the amount of cleaning necessary to ensure the water is safe to swim in. If you’ve been put off owning a pool for this reason, consider also getting one of the automatic pool cleaners available on the market today.

Having an automated cleaner can make a big difference in the amount of work required for pool maintenance. In fact, some can be set to come on automatically at a specific time so you don’t even have to worry about switching it on. You can set and forget that pool cleaner and in the morning your pool will be in excellent condition and ready for use.

Another disadvantage is the safety factor. While we often hear of drowning in the backyard pool, if you have the right kind of safety fence and gate, the danger is almost eliminated.  No little toddlers can reach up high enough to open the gate. And you can take your children to swimming lessons when they are quite small, to make it even safer.


Going Somewhere?


Collectors or Accumulators

Even if you’re a bit of a minimalist, you will have a collection of something, even though they might be empty beer bottles or drink coasters. Collecting different types of items is usually a hobby of every person. Just watch an episode of “Antique Roadshow” on TV and you’ll see there’s some truth to that claim. Or watch the news when they zero in on a house in which a hoarder has been living. Nothing has been thrown away, including food leftovers from past meals! Yuk! Watch what happens when the removalists arrive.

The Heirlooms

When you have taken a lifetime to collect whatever it is you collect, it’s quite reasonable behavior to get a bit anxious when you decide to move to another house. Somehow, all this stuff has to be packed and come with you. The mere thought of seeing your collection, particularly if they are breakables, and may be handed down to you over the generations, being manhandled by a group of unknown people you hired, might be enough to give you a panic attack.

Hire a Removalist

It doesn’t have to be like that if you get the help of professional removalists, such as Brilliance Removalists Melbourne. They know all about the removal and transportation of your most loved belongings. Let’s have a look at some of the techniques they use to ensure the process runs smoothly. Here are some logical and worthy tips from the experts about moving furniture and all the fiddly bits you’ve dumped into cartons.