Benefits of Including Pot Plants In Your Home

Pot Plants

Having pot plants in your home is not a new phenomenon. The concept has been around since time began, with the Greeks livening up their palaces with garden pots and Victorians having a love affair with potted ferns.

There has never been a time when plants were not welcome inside. But within reason, of course. While the number of plants has lessened as we move from potted plant paradises to concrete jungles, there are still many reasons to keep the trend for indoor plants alive. They have too many benefits to leave behind. Here are a few of the many standout ones below.

They Help Us to Breathe

This benefit of buying garden pots for new plants is possibly one of the most important, for plants help us to breathe. When you inhale, you take oxygen into your body. When you exhale, you release carbon dioxide. Plants do the opposite. They will inhale your carbon dioxide during the photosynthesis process, and then release oxygen.

Some plants will release carbon dioxide during the night when their photosynthesis process stops, but plants such as orchids and succulents keep producing oxygen in your home for your benefit.

They Can Keep Illness at Bay

Have you ever wondered why you can always find garden pots in the gift aisle of your local retail store? As plants can keep illness at bay, they are a thoughtful gift to give someone in light of a disease.

When plants grow in the ground, they access groundwater and then evaporate it through their leaves in a process called transpiration. This process is thought to account for up to ten percent of atmospheric moisture. The same process happens with garden pots inside full of plants.

While they aren’t tapping into groundwater, they are still releasing moisture into the air, which can be beneficial during winter. Such plant moisture can prevent dry skin, sore throats, and dry coughs, and decrease the survival rate of the flu virus, according to some studies.

They Have Air-Cleaning Properties

Take a look around your office and try to spot all the garden pots. How many plants does your workplace have? Hopefully, more than one. Plants are useful for cleaning the air of toxins. In tight, sealed buildings, they become more crucial, which is why NASA spent much time researching plant benefits.

They can remove traces of formaldehyde, carbon monoxide, and carbon dioxide. Some of the most useful plants for this filtering process include Peace Lily, chrysanthemum, bamboo palm, and spider fern. In any office environment, NASA recommends you should have one garden pot with a plant in it per 100 square feet.

Pot plants also have healing properties and can make you feel better mentally and physically. If you usually walk past the garden pot selection in your local retail store, then it might be time to check them out. Add pot plants to your home or business and reap the rewards.

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