5 Hacks For Cleaner Office Windows

5 Hacks For Cleaner Office Windows

If you were to ask a number of commercial cleaning companies what area of a building gives the clearest indication as to how well it is being cleaned, you can expect different answers. Some might say the entrance area, others might suggest the carpets, but we have a hunch that the majority might say the windows.

Whilst you should expect any decent commercial cleaning company to want every area to be as clean as they can make it, the cleanliness of the windows is almost like a barometer of how well they have done.

Dirty windows not only can be seen by the staff looking out of them but they can also be seen by those outside the building too. That can include potential clients, who, if their first sight of your business is seeing grubby, dirty windows, it is not the best initial impression to give.

Now, the size, height, and number of windows in your business premises may determine whether you employ a professional cleaning company, a window cleaner, or simply ask your own in-house cleaners to do it. There are pros and cons to each of these, but ultimately the cleanliness of those windows will be how you judge them.

If you do it in-house, there are a number of tips that you can pass on to your cleaning team to help make those office windows even cleaner.

#1 Remove The Dust First

Removing dust, not just from the window’s surface but also from the surrounding area, such as blinds, windowsill, and frame, will make the overall cleaning job much easier and more effective. Where possible, the dust on the window frame outside should also be removed.

#2 Choose Your Cleaning Solution Carefully

There are as many different window cleaning solutions as there are windows in an office block, so you certainly will not lack choice, and choosing one which works best for your windows, maybe a bit of trial and error. If you want to make your own, then adding two tablespoons of vinegar to a bucket of warm water is one that many window cleaners swear by.

#3 Protect The Surrounding Area

When cleaning windows, the job will be made easier and more efficient if you are not having to constantly move equipment and other items which are nearby. The answer is to either move them away from the area or, if that is not possible, cover them. This way, there is no danger of water or cleaning solution damaging anything, especially electrical equipment.

#4 Use A Squeegee

Lots of professionals have that one piece of kit that they could not do without. For carpenters, it might be a drill, for hairdressers, it could be scissors, but for window cleaners, it is definitely a squeegee.

A squeegee allows you to remove all the moisture from the window once it has been washed, especially at the edges and in the corners, which often get forgotten about.

#5 Do It On A Dull Day

You might not know this, but there are certain weather conditions that are more conducive to window cleaning than others. Your first thought might be that a sunny day would be best, but in fact, they are not.

Hot sunny days mean that windows dry quicker, and rather than being a benefit in terms of time, it actually leads to more streaks on the windows as they are dry before you have a chance to buff them properly

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