Machinery You May Need to Hire for Your Property Renovation

plant hire

Renovating a property is an exciting task as you work towards your long term goal and vision for a completely renovated home and property. In most cases, you will need to consider plant hire, unless you have more muscle than most builders and renovators. Plant and equipment hire will help you out considerably, doing all the hard work while you sit there and watch.

If your block is not dead level, you’ll probably need to level some areas off for paths, a new veranda or extension, the driveway, a rainwater tank, or landscaping. Even for a new fence, you may need a machine to dig the post holes. Here is a list of machinery for hire that you may want to consider.

  • Augers – these are used for drilling holes in the ground, so are useful for post holes for that new fence. Be sure you know where underground pipes and cables are before you start.

  • Skid steers – these handy machines come in many sizes from 1 to 20 tonnes. There are many attachments for them to do specific jobs like leveling the ground, digging, moving soil or other heavy material, and even digging fence posts.
  • Dingos – are 4-wheeled machinery with lots of different attachments including a bucket, useful for lifting heavy material into a truck or to another location. There is even a remote controlled dingo for use in dangerous locations. The operator can stand in a safe place and direct the dingo to do the job.
  • Excavators – perform many jobs digging, leveling, and moving large areas of soil or gravel. They work with tracks rather than tires.
  • Loaders – can make a road, dig a ditch, remove soil, and many other renovating jobs. These too, come in many different sizes. Larger ones have a fully enclosed, air-conditioned cab.
  • Rollers and compacters may also be needed if your new renovation needs a good road into it.
  • Trucks – a truck may be needed to carry away waste from the renovation.

Luckily, all this machinery can also be hired with an operator, so you don’t have to go through any steep learning curve on how to operate it. Skilled operators will save you time and money by getting the job done quickly and efficiently.

When you hire machinery, the hiring company will be able to advise you on the kind you need for your work and what size will be needed. There is no point in hiring a huge excavator for a small job; it will only cost you money unnecessarily. Getting the right size of machinery is as important as getting the right type. Once that machinery is in operation, it won’t be long before the job is done and you can go ahead with the rest of the project.

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