9 Advantages of Shade Sails

Shade Sails

When you live in a hot, sunny environment, shade is an important factor in keeping cool. Being able to access shade is essential to stay healthy and preventing dehydration and sunburn. According to One Shade these days, shade sails are preferred in many applications to provide shade before greenery such as trees for many reasons.

  • Sails offer ‘clean’ shade. That is, they don’t drop leaves, sticks, or flowers over the shaded area. This is an important point if the sail is over the end of a swimming pool since no one wants their pool inundated by unwanted debris that can alter the pH of the water and send you scuttling for the pool scoop.
  • The shade provided by sails is even. Trees and other plants provide dappled shade, which means there are spots where the sun gets in. If you lay out in the dappled shade, you’ll get sunburned. Sail material does let through a small amount of sunlight, but it is more even and there is less likelihood of getting badly burned.

  • The shade from a sail is there in all seasons, while trees can lose their leaves or have fewer leaves during winter if they are not deciduous, making shade scarce during those times.
  • Roots from many trees can interfere with foundations or plumbing. Their limbs can fall during windy times or sometimes for no apparent reason and with no wind. Sails are free of such problems.
  • Trees grow higher and this often throws their shade where it is not wanted or usable. Shade from a sail will remain in the same place over time and in accordance with the position of the sun.
  • With a sail, you have all the control you need to provide good shade for the children or for any alfresco area, without relying on Mother Nature.
  • Trees can die during drought or due to insects or diseases, but sails last for many years.
  • Often trees need to be pruned. They also need fertilizer and water. The sail doesn’t need any such maintenance.
  • Trees take time to grow high enough to give shade; with a sail, it takes only a day or two to arrange for installation.

If you want more shade in your yard, consider having a sail installed. They are a quick and easy way to get instant shade when and where you need it, whether that is the pool, the side of the house, or a hidden nook in the back garden.

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