Materials Used in the Carpet Cleaning Process

Carpet Cleaning

The general carpet cleaning process can be extensive. It involves a variety of materials that help a carpet to look its best without weakening its fibres. So before you can clean the carpet, it’s a good idea to look at those things that will be used in the process.

It is clear that water is used in the carpet cleaning process, since it is the base for any cleaning solution. Many professional cleaners have equipment that uses water as it’s cleaning base, but it’s important not to saturate the carpets, because it takes too long to dry and mould can develop. This is one thing to watch for when doing your carpets at home.

The temperature of the water is important as well. The water needs to be warm enough to dissolve the dirt in carpet fibres. It should not be too hot or else it might shrink some types of carpets, such as wool.

The amount of pressure being used in the carpet cleaning process must be checked properly. As professionals, like Commercial Cleaning Perth, know – Pressure is important as it ensures that the carpets being cleaned are treated without too much stress being added. Water weakens the fibres and if too much pressure is applied, it can damage them. At the same time, it’s important that enough pressure is applied to get the job done properly.

The pressure generated by a cleaner will cause the water and other compounds being used to move through the carpets quite well, taking out the accumulated dirt, but enough pressure must be applied to ensure that the carpet fibres are not going to suffer from more stress than needed. This is especially critical for finer carpets where some fibres might be at risk of wearing out or breaking apart.

Some chemicals may be used including some bleach or detergent materials.  Try and make sure organic detergents are used in cleaning your carpets. That way there will be no toxic fumes as the carpet dries and when the dirty water is disposed of, it won’t poison the waterways.

Sometimes the chemicals used might cause irritation on some fibres.  Some small amounts of chemicals remain in the carpet after cleaning it and can cause irritation to children or pets who sit on it. Eco-friendly products are less likely to have this effect.

A vacuum cleaner is typically used to remove the moisture and cleaning compounds from the carpet as the cleaning progresses. Again, the amount of suction should be carefully regulated so it will suck out all the dirty water and help dry the carpet without being so strong it is likely to cause damage.  There are many points to consider when getting carpets cleaned either professionally or by yourself. If you follow the instructions on the carpet cleaning equipment and the cleaners, you should have a great deal of success and make your carpet look bright and new.

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