How to Choose Fencing to Suit Your Lifestyle

Choose Fencing

When it comes to the question of fencing for your block of land, it is important to choose a style to suit your lifestyle. While the choice may be somewhat restricted by council regulations, there is sure to be some kind of leeway to allow you to choose a fence that will suit both the property and your needs.

Before contacting fencing contractors, think about what you need that fence to do for you. Here are some suggestions: –

  • Provide security from break-ins
  • Keep children and pets inside
  • Match the style of your home
  • Be decorative enough to give street appeal on the front boundary
  • Provide privacy on the other boundaries
  • Keep foot traffic off the lawn
  • Designate areas for vehicle access
  • Enclose garden areas, especially vegetable gardens
  • Keep pets off certain sections
  • Simply mark the boundaries

Once you know what the fence is to do, you’ll have a better idea of the kind of fence that you need. For instance, if you want to keep pets off the vegetable garden, you’ll need to have wire netting that goes right into the ground so that dogs can’t dig a hole under it.  Cats are rather more difficult to contain since they can climb and jump over fences without much trouble. However, older cats or those that are overweight may be kept away by a netting fence.

While fences are mostly needed for practical applications such as privacy and protection, that doesn’t mean they can’t also be ornamental too. Many practical fences look quite pretty, especially if they suit the kind of home they enclose. Usually, in the suburbs where homes are quite close together, three sides of the fence are made from steel panels that offer both privacy and protection, while the front boundary is more decorative.

Not everyone wants to worry about keeping people out because it becomes a nuisance to get in and out yourself, especially if you have to stop to open and close gates all the time. That is why many homeowners choose the option of enclosing the backyard up to the front wall of the home and then leaving the front area open.

This allows them to reverse out of the garage without worrying about running over their pets, and they don’t have to open and shut the gates, which is important when there is a lot of coming and going. The front fence can be a low one, or be done with an ornamental bamboo or post and rail style fence that looks more attractive that those steel panels, even if they are coloured.

Maintenance is another consideration. The less you have to paint the fence, the more you save in time and costs.

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