Different Types of Fencing Needed For a New Block

Different Types of Fencing

Many people choose a new block of ground to build their home on for various reasons. It may seem cheaper to build your own home than to buy one that is already built, and you can design it to suit your lifestyle. However there will be additional costs and fencing is one of them.

Not everyone has handyman skills, so fencing contractors such as Eline Fencing Perth will be needed to put up the fences that are needed. These will vary depending on the size of your land and what you intend to have on it. If you have pets, you will need to have a fence that will keep them in, particularly dogs; cats can usually jump over any kind of fence unless it is a high, security type.

Here are the different types of fences you may need.

  • A boundary fence is something that all blocks of land will need, whether it is residential or rural land. The boundary will enclose your block and show where the borders of your land are. It will keep out anything you don’t want in, while protecting all who remain inside it. However, the front of the block may have a more decorative fence, while the sides and back are often of steel panels to provide more privacy.
  • If you want to add a swimming pool, you’ll need a safety fence to ensure your children are kept safe. This can be one with sturdy iron posts along the length or it can be made from toughened glass, a good choice that minimises visual interruption.
  • A driveway fence can be a good choice to ensure your toddlers are kept off the area as you back your vehicle out of the drive. This is more suited to a block with a drive along one side, rather than one that is in the centre of the block.
  • There are often short fence panels to divide the back yard from the front. This allows children and pets to be kept safe in the back part while the front can be more for show. These can also include a gate to facilitate movement from one place to the other.
  • If you are lucky enough to have a larger block in a semi-rural area, it is highly likely that you also have horses, goats, sheep, chickens or a cow, in which case fences will be needed to keep them safe and away from the house and/or vegetable garden. These types of fences can be: –
  • Barbed wire – cattle
  • Wire netting – sheep and goats
  • Electric wire – any animal types
  • Chain link – most animals
  • Timber post and rail fences – horses.
  • Combination of plain and barbed wire – cattle

Remember, fences keep you and yours safe from wandering and accidents.

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