Multi Head Split System vs. Single System Air Conditioner

Multi Head Split System

Statistics show that Australia in general has a love affair with air conditioners and why wouldn’t we when temperatures soar into the 40s and 50s Centigrade each summer? With this summer being the hottest for some time, many more people are turning to get advice from electricians such as Electrician Perth Experts and organizing the split system air conditioner to get a little coolness into their homes.

That brings up the question; which is better, a single split system or a multi head system? Since most people understand the single split system has one outside unit consisting of a compressor and fan, and one inside the head, usually up on the wall, let’s take a quick look at the multi head system.

The multi-head system, as its name suggests, has from 2 to 7 heads that can be on the wall or in other positions, but only one outside unit. This is a bigger, stronger compressor than the single system since it has to run more inside heads. For this reason, you can’t just add extra heads to your single system as it’s not strong enough to make them work.

So which one is best?

The multi head system has many applications. If you want every room in the house air conditioned, but your roof cavity is not big enough for a ducted air con, the multi head system is for you. It is also good for townhouses, flats, or units where only one outside part is allowed, such as on the balcony. It’s great for places that don’t have a lot of outdoor areas to fit more units – or for those high profile areas where multiple units would not be aesthetically pleasing.

The single system is a great choice for homes where only one room needs to be cooled – or heated, for smaller homes or flats or for people with a limited budget. It does an amazing job for its size of it and is quiet and economical to run.

Of course, the multi head one is also quiet but is more costly to run since it cools the whole house.

You may think that in the case of a blackout or a breakdown, it would be harder to lose the multi head system because all the rooms would then be hot. But it is really no different than losing power with the single system because all your rooms would still be hot. However, the multi head system may cost more to fix, depending on what went wrong with it.

The main thing to remember is that the multi head system is more expensive to purchase and install since it is a more complex system. It is up to you which one you choose depending on your budget and the kind of home you live in. One thing’s for sure, once you get air conditioning you will never want to be without it.

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