Your Landscaping Needs

Landscaping Needs

In an age where technology is the rage, one of the simpler products is rolling on the lawn. But there is quite a bit of dedication and hard work that goes into producing a piece of roll-on lawn. If you like to learn how things are done, and to understand new things, visiting a turf farm might turn out to be an educational and enjoyable experience.

Types of Turf

Most of the turf farms in Western Australia grow quite a few different varieties of grass to suit the individual needs of both the people working in the landscaping business and the homeowner. Grass types like Matilda Soft Buffalo or Kikuyu can deliver results good enough to make even a fussy landscaper happy. Turf farms realise that variety is the key to making all their customers happy.

How is it Done?

The question is: how do turf farms make it all happen? Well, it’s not rocket science in its complexity but there are a few necessary steps. Not surprisingly, by mixing grass seeds and water and providing a lot of attention and love, the result is a satisfying product. By nurturing these different varieties of grass for one to three years, some specialised tools are then used to harvest the turf so that there is no damage to the root system. This is done by using a sharp blade, inserted below the roots so that a roll of lawn can be lifted.

Installing the Lawn

The idea is to get the rolls of lawn delivered and put down as fast as possible because that grass is not able to survive for very long after being cut. Once the turf is put in place, the chances of damage are small. As they say: Just add water. Your roll-on lawn should be up and growing again after about thirty days. You just have to make sure your lawn survives the summer heat.  Another tip is to make sure you buy your lawn locally to ensure a quick delivery.

Some Science Involved

There’s more to the work at turf farms than just the harvesting part. The time that the lawn is growing is an important part of the process. Turf farms apply some rather advanced agricultural techniques which include control of moisture and temperature and the application of fertiliser is as scientific as they can be. The aim is to supply the best quality roll-on lawn for the lowest possible price.

Nature’s Work

If you have ever watched the grass grow, it’s pretty amazing to see nature at work and observe the durability of the grass. When you neglect your own lawn, or some parts of it go bad for whatever reason, it’s nice to know you can pop down to the local gardening store and pick up a few pieces of sod to use as a replacement. It’s not always necessary to replace the whole lawn. You will probably be able to pick up the same lawn variety as well.

One Stop Shop

Turf farms are a great resource for your landscaping needs and either directly, or through an agent, they are your first stop when doing a lawn project. You can get advice and they will recommend the right product for your climate and your soil conditions.

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