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The three piece suit and drab office walls have morphed into grey hoodies and colourful relaxation nooks, and gone are the days of the drab and uninspiring designed workspace. Companies are cashing in on modern and innovative designs, knowing that it has been proven to increase employee motivation and productivity.

All in the name of collaboration and team building, open office design is on the uprise and gone are the days of separation and sterile work areas. However is office design really a one-size-fits-all project? True it is not, however there are certain employee zones that have been proven to build better office culture. So maybe it is time to tear down the walls and build some new inspiring spaces, here are some popular ideas to get you started:

Relaxation Zones: Building secret nooks around the work-floor is perfect for employees to retreat to for some quiet time during their meal breaks. It is a great place for them to recharge their energy with a good book or some soft music. Offering this type of relaxation room will help keep staff motivated when that 3pm afternoon slump hits, if they have had the chance to de-stress or relax during their lunch break then they will be more likely to see the afternoon out with endurance and productivity. These rooms are generally designed with comfortable arm chairs, lounges, soft lighting and maybe even a little bit of gentle music playing in the background.

Quiet Zones: These are the spaces where staff go to get things done, offering a comfortable space to stretch out and focus on the task at hand. It’s a space that is casual, allowing for brainstorm sessions and the quick chat to passer-bys. Try to keep these rooms away from the busy office station, avoiding the sounds of a humming copy machine or ringing phone. Generally a whiteboard, comfortable couch and table and chairs are a good addition to these rooms.

Collaboration Zones: These are the rooms where small team meetings are held and ideas are shared. Collaboration zones can be as informal as a few comfy couches with a whiteboard or they can be designed like a formal conference room. The goal of these rooms is to bring people together to come up with new and innovative ideas. Often famous quotes on the walls help add inspiration to these types of meeting rooms.

Fun Zones: These are the places to hang out and make coming to work more enjoyable. They are generally used during lunch breaks and can be filled with televisions, games, ping pong tables and vending machines. These zones encourage your staff to mingle, build relationships and camaraderie, giving them the comfort and space to create great ideas together.

Private Zones: These are the rooms where staff go to hide away when they have got serious work to do and can’t afford any interruptions. Private zones politely convey the message, “Don’t interrupt me,” giving staff a space where they are free from disruptions so that they can be productive and meet deadlines. Ideal private zones have doors and are generally fitted out with Wi-Fi, a telephone and great lighting.

Focusing on integrating zones that are task-specific will promise to build a positive office culture, one that is productive and motivated. Building an office space with strategy and intent will ensure that your business goes on to experience growth and prosperity for the future years ahead·

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