Steel Frame Walls

DL can help you with engineered steel frame walls to suit all types of situations

While installing your steel frame walls and steel stud walls you need to make sure that the team is experienced enough to understand the circumstances such as wind, floor and roof loads and have proper equipment and technology to install them. Our steel frame and steel stud wall teams have vast knowledge from years of on-site work experience, tackling some of Perth, WA’s most demanding steel frame wall projects and covering all size budgets. With our award winning steel frame walls specifically designed for different wind, floor and roof loads, we use the latest technology to achieve all our clients specifications.

Our team of experienced trades people and our super responsive customer service we will be sure to surpass your expectations. All our steel wall frames feature pre-punched holes for building services such as plumbing and electrical requirements.

Our steel frame walls remain dimensionally stable in moist conditions which eliminates costly servicing of sticking windows, doors or cracked cornices. Please contact DL for any steel frame walls and steel stud partition sound, fire and acqua rated walls. The company’s proven track record on large and small steel frame wall projects, has made DL steel walls the preferred supplier in the steel frame wall industry in Perth. Please contact us today for a free quote

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