Residential Ceilings

DL Ceilings can help you with all your home residential ceilings in Perth, Western Australia.

We specialise in large single and multi-dwelling Residential Ceilings where our professional ceiling contractors can really come to the forefront.

We have been designing, installing and servicing residential ceilings since 1984; and have the combined expertise to take on and complete most residential ceiling projects that can be designed. We take pride in our unique, modern and innovative designs. With our help you can make your ceiling standout.

Along with ceilings we can design and install a range of cornices for residential building projects. We are prepared to get you what you desire. Whether it’s a traditional or a modern contemporary home DL Residential Ceiling contractors have the product and the people to give you a great result.

The company’s proven record on residential ceiling projects in Perth, with its expert skills and friendly customer service has made DL the ceiling contractors and supplier of choice in the residential ceilings industry.

DL Ceilings service the Perth and WA regional areas. Please contact us today for a chat with our experts and see how we can be of service to your next residential ceilings project.

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