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After wages, office space is the second largest overhead for most businesses. This is why many businesses are hesitant to pay out for an office refurbishment, and as a result many business managers think of it as a luxury as opposed to a need. If you hold this mind-set switch that thought now, as the design of a work office space has been proven to be one of the key influences in workplace performance. An inefficient work space can negatively affect your staff and business bottom line. Here are some ways to help you overhaul your office:

Plan your space: Before you make any drastic changes to your office you will want to sit down and plan your space as the first point of call. Space planning is one of the most exciting phases of any office overhaul, it’s the chance to build and create something new and inspiring. With a little innovation and imagination you can create a productive workspace no matter how small or big the area is that you have to work with. Work out the goals of the space and the budget you have to work with. Do you need private offices? Can you use the current furniture? How will you get the most use of space? Ask yourself these questions and write up a plan.

Think about the branding: Create layouts that reinforce your visual brand and your brand values. What is the message that your company wants to convey. Is it fresh and modern? Or maybe it is sleek and sophisticated? Your colours and design will revolve around this message. Generally bright colours of reds, greens and oranges convey fresh and vibrant energy whereas more earthy tones compliment an office that wants to ooze with sophistication. Do you need an open lounge where your customers can sit, a boardroom for important meetings and does every staff member need their own private office? How you go about implementing these into the design will depend on how you want your business to look to the customers that walk-in.

The aesthetics: A general rule of thumb is that simple is often best. Search online and in catalogues for some design inspiration. If you don’t want to change the furniture, simple things like changing the lighting and a fresh coat of paint can greatly improve your working environment. You can make major changes with a limited budget; it may just take a little more creativity.

Create new rooms: If you want to build more office cubicles or you want to build that dream board meeting room, you have options available to you that do not require extensive drafting and council approval -which can be both timely and costly. Glass partitions are fast becoming the trend in modern offices. Glass partitioning can improve the overall functionality of your office space, creating extra rooms with ease, with the minimum loss of space. The beauty about glass partitions are that they can easily and quickly be erected and can be just as easily, dismantled and rearranged.

Overhauling your office space will motivate your staff and increase productivity. We are able to guide you through the process, helping you create the best working environment for your business.Whatever your scale or budget, call us today.

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