Open Plan Office Design 5 Benefits Glass Partitioning

Open plan offices that are built primarily with glass partitions and feature walls are on the uprise in modern offices around Australia. Besides the fact that they cost far less than permanent structures they have many other great benefits that are winning the approval from companies of all sizes, from the top 500 to the sole proprietors of the world. Here are some of the reasons why more companies are installing glass partitions in their office space:

More space: An open plan office design maximises the number of employees that can be comfortably seated within a space. By replacing clunky walls and doors with sleek glass, there is more room for desks, chairs and storage.

More light: Unlike closed in cubicles, an open plan layout reflects more natural light. This lighter and brighter workspace is a much more appealing for employees, which then results in increased productivity, employee well-being and reduced staff turnover.

Better teamwork: There are no big doors closed off, shutting down the lines of communication. The open plan design allows for greater freedom of movement within the workspace, enabling staff to move around with little disruption. This encourages better communication and teamwork, as staff are able to interact much easier.

Adapt the design: As businesses grow, so does the need for office space. The arrangement of seating, workstations and meeting rooms can be altered easily, as glass partitions can easily be dismantled and refigured, depending on the current needs of the business. Not only can this be done very quickly, it is also very economical

A modern feel: Many customers base first impressions on the feel of the office. Glass partitioning creates a modern, welcoming and spacious feel to any office environment. The natural light that floods in creates a truly open feel while frosted partitions provide a level of privacy for closed door meetings.

Overall, glass partitioning can improve the overall functionality and feel of the office space, the partitions come in a huge range of colours, which is great for individual company branding. If you would like to find out how you could benefit from open plan office design and glass partitioning, contact us today.


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