Australian New Rich Tradies

The Flurorescent colour of new Australia’s rich

The Australian financial tide is rapidly changing and finding some other shores as favorite. According to the recent reports blue-collar workers’ bank accounts are richer for an average of $1229 a week compared to the $144 less for white-collar colleagues in the offices. In addition, for the very first time 6 of the top 10 sectors with highest salaries include blue-collar industries. As it seems, new rich prefer the fluorescent shirts rather than white shirts with ties.

This is definitely not in accordance with the common belief in Australia that a university degree comes with the higher payment guarantee. On the contrary, in the current situation it is more likely that your neighbor with a beautiful house and expensive car will wear a fluorescent vest and take a stop sign on his way to a work. Tradies, miners, and construction workers are Australia’s new rich.

It would be also interesting to hear the other side of the story. What we can hear is that most of the well paid jobs are done in the construction sector are done in remote locations in hard and sometimes extreme conditions. Additionally, the average working hours are from 10 to 12 per day. Very often followed by the six or even seven working days in a week.

The next time your child demands construction toy kit for a Christmas, think twice before suggesting a book or science toy kit.


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